Dante Inferno White Tuxedo Shirt-Slim Fit

Dante Inferno Men's Tuxedo Shirt


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Dante Inferno Men's Tuxedo Shirt
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Super nice Dante Inferno Dress Shirt with small white on white check pattern. This great shirt features tone on tone fabric, real french cuffs with 2 cufflink holes so you dial in the sleeve length, so say for example you wear a 35 sleeve, and our size says 34/35. What that means is, there is one cufflink hole for 34 and another hole for 35, allowing you to get the full length you need. We made these shirts with my pattern, so I made the sleeves just a whisper longer. All my customers here at my tuxedo company, like to show the shirt showing at the cuff when they are wearing their tuxedo. This shirt will do that for you. We also made the collar a little bit higher than a regular shirt like a fine custom shirt, and then we finished it off with real pearl buttons. Yes, real pearl buttons! Another feature of this shirt is we put the "stud" holes on the shirt, so you can wear this shirt with your tuxedo bowtie and show your studs. If you don't want to use the "studs", that's ok, because you can use the pearl buttons that are on the shirt. So basically, you can wear this shirt with a tuxedo or without. The cut on the shirt is slim fit. The fabric is a white on white small square design and a cotton poly blend. It's a great shirt for the money.

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Imported Imported
Brand Dante Inferno
Shirt Collar Laydown
Shirt Fit Slim
Pleats No Pleats
Shirt Quality Best

Dante Inferno White Tuxedo Shirt-Slim Fit

Dante Inferno White Tuxedo Shirt-Slim Fit

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