men's black satin tuxedo vest with black bowtie

Black Satin Tuxedo Vest

men's and boys off-white tuxedo vest with off-white tie-yourself bowtie by San Miguel Formals

Off-White Tuxedo Vest

Petal Tuxedo Vest

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Petal Tuxedo Vest

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men's petal vest and petal bowtie that matches petal bridal by San Miguel Formals
Petal Tuxedo Vest

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    Petal Tuxedo Vest by San Miguel Formals. We did all the leg-work, so you don't have to when we matched this petal shade to the top petal color used in today's bridal. Our customers love this petal vest and the different matching petal bowties and petal color long ties. And we also feature the petal pocket hankies. Why you ask? Because petal is one of the most beautiful colors and so popular for not only weddings but special events happening all over our great nation. We use it with our brides, and we know they love it because they tell us! We took photos here at the tuxedo shop with the petal vest and all the different kinds of ties we use with it. Sometimes we put the matching bowtie with the vest for the groom, and sometimes we put the white tie with the petal vest for the groom. For the groomsmen sometimes I put the matching bow, or the long black tie. We mix it up, so everyone in the wedding, based on their role, has their own unique look that complements the bridal party. Look at the photos we took and see for yourself, and if you ever have any question, just call us!
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    Imported Imported
    Brand San Miguel Formals
    Vest Color Blush-Nude-Petal
    Vest Buttons 4 Button
    Vest Fabric Luxurious Synthetic
    Vest Quality Best
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